B.S. Global Management for Egypt


Mansoura Academy for Science, Technology and Information Systems (MASTIS) students have a new home at San Diego Global Knowledge University (SDGKU)

We are excited to announce that SDGKU recently signed a collaboration agreement with MASTIS, located in Cairo, Egypt, that will allow SDGKU to provide its Bachelor of Science degree program to MASTIS students that meet and exceed the transfer requirements for enrollment at SDGKU.

If you are a MASTIS student or alumni interested in studying at SDGKU, please contact the MASTIS-SDGKU Program Coordinator via phone or email to obtain the application packet for admission. 

Ms. Hala Hesham
Program Coordinator
Email: hala.academy@gmail.com
Tel: 20 (122) 227-1554

The MASTIS-SDGKU Program Coordinator will provide instructions on how to register for your program, including admission requirements and payment of tuition and fees.